What happens when five guys from different walks of life collaborate with one thing in common; FOOD?

You don't get to win a Powerball but after a tiring day scratching numbers of life you can atleast feel lucky and beyond by simply eating with us.

What is life if you don't get to pamper yourself for all the hardwork that you put in?

We truly believe that catering food above and beyond paves the path to actual happiness. We laid that path for you, and now it is time for you to eat through the path.




Our motive is simple; Serve Beyond Great Food and to ensure that we always keep the following in check:

Beyond Food should be presented good, look good, feel good, taste great, comforting soul food, served piping hot, freshly made, healthy, top quality, enough quantity, aptly priced, and make you crave for more again and yet again.

We use high quality fresh ingredients and serve with Beyond hospitality to give you the best overall experience. Come and eat Beyond Curry. Eat and Repeat.